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Our Rebrand Story

Sometime in 2019, we realized our beloved event and wedding websites needed a makeover. The technology behind them was out of date and we wanted to do a better job of communicating what an amazing venue and event team we are!

We knew our talented go-to web and graphics team could create something beautiful and functional but we wanted more … it had to reach right into the event world. For that, we needed some help. Our visual and aesthetic expert, Anne, scoured the internet. She found the “one”!

Enter Ashley Malone. The sweetest, most professional, highly qualified and, most importantly, event focused branding and website design agency. Right here in Toronto, Canada.

With our team in place, we proceeded to dig deep into what it is that we offer. With Ashley’s guidance we honed in on the qualities that we bring to each event through our venue and our staff as the basis of our new brand: professional, authentic, personal, warm, competent, private, versatile, traditional, and elegant, with a splash of down-to-earth sophistication. These are the qualities that we hope you find when you meet us online and in person.

After a thorough review of our goals, Ashley recommended a complete turnaround in the look and feel of our brand. Truth be told, there were a couple of moments when we definitely felt like she was “killing our darlings”! She also suggested ways we could make viewing and booking our venue more intuitive, more responsive and easier for our clients and us, which we were pleased to implement!

Next step was to bring it all to life, online. Our webmaster, Matt, took Ashley’s recommendations and our sketches and created a visually stunning and easy to use website, complete with all accompanying artwork. We also worked with Go Elite Design to ensure our SEO would be second to none. If you have ever made a website, you’ll know that it requires the most wonderful combination of skill, experience and creativity .. and that there are seemingly endless details to attend to. Matt’s passion for visual communication and patience with the little things make him a pleasure to work with.

Not only does Ashley offer rebranding, web design and graphic design but we were delighted to discover that she could also provide us with copywriting. After working closely with her for a few months we were completely confident that she could “speak” for us. This really was the icing on the cake and provided the perfect compliment to the visual components. We hope you feel the same way.

We were inspired to share our rebrand story as a way to express our deeply felt appreciation for each person that contributed to it. As you can hear, we loved working with Matt and Ashley but there are so many more people to thank. In each photo the expertise of our recommended vendors shines through, the caterers, bakers, florists, DJ’s, event rental companies and especially all the photographers. And, none of this would be possible without our inspiring and valued clients. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

This truly has been a year beyond compare with surprising challenges, big and small, and ample opportunities to be grateful!

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