The third in this series of concerts of the River City Big Band at the Oasis Centre last Saturday was featuring the new Edmonton blues duo TWO BLUE.

From their website:
“Two Blue is a study in contrasts. Black/White. Male/Female. Novice/Veteran. The duo’s members, Karimah and Robert Walsh, even hail from opposite ends of their native country, Canada. Yet, they have lots of fertile common ground – both sing in English and French, love to write and perform their music, and share a passion for the Blues. Their music features outstanding singing and playing, and is honest, insightful, spirited and often funny. With one foot rooted in the past and one stepping boldly into the future, this exciting duo embraces Blues traditions in a contemporary way. Two Blue is about great music, character, and the spark of creativity that is the Blues.”

Enjoy our gallery from this amazing concert evening!

Photography by Jens Gaethje Photography.

two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-02two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-05 two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-03 two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-04  two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-06 two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-07 two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-08 two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-09 two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-10 two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-11 two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-12 two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-13  two-blue-concert-rcbb-karimah-robert-walsh-oasis-centre-15



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